March 25th 1941

Riding the horse and drinking a little. Dan Cremin went into Baghdad the other day and cashed a cheque for five dinars in one of the local bars. He then solemnly hands them round to the nearest five chaps at the bar! Went racing last Saturday but no luck. The flying is progressing and am still riding the waves. A letter from Ma and Peggy and Hugh now posted as killed apparently.

Ian Pringle goes to Baghdad on Sunday and gets hold of some Greek girl there. He has come back with a scented handkerchief which he keeps under his pillow. The A/Cs on this course got some extra drill as a minor punishment and we four are made to go and look on “to see any differences etc”. An old thug of a warrant officer asks us the difference between ‘move to the right in threes’ and ‘move to the right in column’ – as if we should know.

Doing loops and stall turns.

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