August 20th 1941

Drinks with Gambert last night and I consume three bottles of Muree beer at a sitting. I went out the other day down the Lahore Road to try and get a black buck, but the country was under water. Walked for three hours in the afternoon sun, the heat reflecting off the mud – horrid. The shikari carried me over a few streams.

Some excellent formation flying the other day, the best flying that I have had here yet. Peeling off, low flying and Prince of Wales feathers (JDW: evidently a pattern of formation flying), on a lovely day with no wind. Formated with Wigg today above the clouds, and got the same impression of speed as in low flying formation.

A bit of football. My kit has reached Bombay but customs won’t clear it. They required a certificate from my C.O. about my .460 service revolver, with which W/C Mead refused to have anything to do with, the Shit. So I went to Harris, the C.G.I., and we compromised with a chit to the effect that he saw no reason to disbelieve my statement. Haig saw Dan Cremin and Frewin in Karachi on their way to Rhodesia.

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