March 9th 1942

Parry-Keene says I am to stay here and that he won’t promote me if India won’t. Some drinking with Lakri Wood, Neil Elliot and Dudley Withers who turns up here. Yesterday Lakri and I drive out to Yenangyaung, the BOC field where there is an American and a British Club. We have some drinks in both and a snack lunch. The British most inhospitable, and unfortunately we meet no Americans.

Seton-Broughal takes up my case and today tells me S.A.S.O. has been told to fix me up. He also says they want him to take a wing to China! Rangoon supposed to have been blown up yesterday. Just seen the AOC, he has promoted me, ordered me to be properly paid, and says I am to go to Akyab to do some Hurricane flying and then come back here attached to a fighter squadron as A/C recco pilot.

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