May 13th 1942 – Ranchi

I go out to lunch with Baldwins and have a domestic afternoon playing with the Babe. Monday I go down to Cuttack with Maj Gen Symes and we recco Golapore on the Indian Ocean. Very sticky at Cuttack where there is a Hudson-less Hudson Sqn 62 and two large runaways with “tees” on both of them. Then find Tom Pierce has arrived and we go to the Club where Burt Mann gets intoxicated and, along with Paintal (7 Rajputs) AILO, and I dine with George Cutler, a great gross beast who supplies labour hereabouts and runs the Club bar. We escape about 11pm. A good club and the RAF are allowed to sign there, but not the Army, who have to buy books of tickets plus 20%.

Yesterday tennis with Pierce, some drinks and we feed with Raj Paintal and Joyce and the Nelsons on the floor of his tent. “Desce Khana” (?) again, but not a hot one.

Today I fly round for 3/4 hour over Ramgarh where there is a POW camp, and shoot up some camps but too many shite hawks about and damn dangerous. We go up to work at 6.30 and finish at lunch, but if nothing to do it means just standing around, which is what the airmen do all day. A letter from ADC sending five invitations to an “at home” to be given to “selected officers of your mess”.

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2 Responses to May 13th 1942 – Ranchi

  1. Kalyan says:

    “Desce Khana” (?) again, but not a hot one – refers to Desi Khana meaning ‘local food’ but so spicy this time!

  2. Kalyan says:

    EDIT – refers to Desi Khana meaning ‘local food’ but ‘NOT’ so spicy this time!

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