July 17th 1943

The Inspector General I.A.F, G/C Pround, with W/C Mazunder and Mukerjee, come round for a two days tour. Everything is gone into and I find out a lot of things that I should have done something about are in a shocking condition, so I expect I shall lose my job, but I can’t do everything myself.

We go to the Defence Services Exhibition last evening and then on to the Club, where we have a damn merry dinner. I am getting a bit worn out and had hoped to go away for the weekend, but cannot do so with all this going around. Chapman and I go up to Wing mess a couple of times for a decent dinner and some bridge. I go out around a nearby lake with my .22 but nothing to shoot. I have as body servant one Nur Hussain who answers to the name of  ‘Albert’. He is a lascar and son of the chaprasi (JDW: An office junior or messenger boy) at station HQ Kohat whom I used to know quite well.

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1 Response to July 17th 1943

  1. Cynny Sharp says:

    Jamie, do you think the photo we have is of his body servant Nur Hussain? It would be so good to give it a name!

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