September 6th 1943

Still going strong, and I get a touch of malaria yesterday. I do not disclose it as that would mean another three weeks here and I should lose my acting squadron leader position – so I just take ten grains of quinine. Here let me record that on returning from the Arakan I made it pretty plain that I thought 100 sorties was pretty good, though only 160 operational hours with it, and I think Tom Pierce put me up for a D.F.C., but that was four months ago now, so I shan’t get it. That’s the second time of being put up.

There is an American pilot I meet here at meals occasionally and he gives me the correct figures for their pay:

2nd Lt – $150 basic pay plus $75 flying pay
1st Lt – $166 + $83
Captain – $200 + $100
Major – $250 + $125
Lt Col – $275 + $135.50

Also 10% extra for serving overseas, and 5% extra for every three years service. $1 = Rs3, 4 annas.

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3 Responses to September 6th 1943

  1. Allen says:

    It would be interesting to know the pay and allowances received by comparable RAF ranks at the time.

  2. CDC Dunford Wood says:

    yes, you are right – actually I have his Grindlays Bank paying in book so I can at least discover what an acting Sqn/Ldr was getting! I will look…

  3. Kalyan says:

    Wow! $1 = Rs3, 4 annas. That was $1=Rs 3.25 Compared to roughly $1=Rs 61.00 now- after 68 years! Amazing!

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