November 9th 1943 – Munnar

I go down to “Stuffy” Stevens’ bungalow for a day, and for tea he takes me out to a rock overlooking the low jungle country. Eventually we see a bison moving through the long elephant grass, with glasses. I return to the Club and come back home with Ham Wilkes with whom I am now. He has a beautiful bungalow more like a country house than the usual, and breakfast and lunch on a sort of glass sun corner of the verandah. I go out by myself looking at birds and see some black monkeys, and get lost on the coffee, having to get a guide back.

In the evening we go to shoot jungle fowl, though without success, though I see four scuttling away into bamboo clumps. In the evening we go for drinks to one Rowson who has 19 rifles and about a thousand heads and skins in his bungalow. A young stuffed black monkey holds a table lamp, and he also has a type of African nut that looks exactly like an anus. I find the sun getting warm and take to my Bright and Macivor hat. A lot of birds I see that are not in my book.

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5 Responses to November 9th 1943 – Munnar

  1. Allen says:

    What is a “Bright and Macivor hat”?

  2. Allen says:

    Thanks for that link. Doing a search on “Bright & McIvor Calcutta”, the following link popped up: Would this hat have been similar to his?

  3. Kalyan says:

    “and he also has a type of African nut that looks exactly like an anus.” Maybe I can help here – ‘Coco de Mer’ very startling and apt observation –

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