April 24th 1944 – Liverpool

We tie up in the stream off Liverpool but cannot get ashore for two days yet – having reached the bar yesterday morning. Visibility poor from Great Orme Head round to the “Tower” at Blackpool, and a glorious ‘beat-up’ by a Yankee Thunderbolt. A great discharge of rockets as we come in and all sorts of new aircraft tear across the sky. The first signs of life I see through my glasses are two jeeps and a crowd outside the Palace cinema – it would be! And a crowd on a sort of ‘tour around the bay’ steamer.


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2 Responses to April 24th 1944 – Liverpool

  1. a gray says:

    I am curious about the “great discharge of rockets”. Any idea what that might have been or why?

    • James Dunford Wood says:

      Possibly there was a training area out to sea where the fighter planes he saw were going off to practise gunnery?

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