August 26th 1944

“Hell hath no fury…” I don’t take much notice of the Dorothy dame at Hodnet’s Monday dance, and she gets damned annoyed. On 23rd we hear of the fall of France and have a party in the Mess with the dozen or so French course pilots. I get up on a table and sing “A troopship leaving Bombay” with my own two verses and then retire to bed. Later I organise myself three days leave, plus a day off, and get a lift in an Oxford from Hinstock to Donibristle with one Lt MacDonald RNVR. We fly over Blackpool tower and Moffat and see the Isle of Man to port. I get put up in the wardroom at Donibristle and of course find that I have packed no lungi.

This morning I bus to Crail and find Mhairi has organised a bed and breakfast, but nothing else. I have a beer and 20 Horlicks tablets for lunch, then Mhairi gets off 2.45 to 6.30 and we bus over to Elie and back for tea. Crail crowded out for some reason. I am dissatisfied with this sort of life. I know what I want but cannot find it. Some 3000 pewits on Chetwynd airfield.


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3 Responses to August 26th 1944

  1. Love the Peewits! I wonder how many would be there now …

    • James Dunford Wood says:

      Yes, he was a bit of a twitcher like you! Big news piece on the Franklin expedition this morning, I wonder if you heard it.

  2. Cynny Sharp says:

    By pewits, Daddy meant ‘Peewits’, the common name for lapwings, after their cry. He was an avid amateur birdwatcher and has passed that interest on to me.

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