November 29th 1944

This joint (Bossington House) belongs to Sir Richard Fairey and the (river) Test flows past the bottom of the park. It also teems in pheasant. I am due out today and have planned to go to town and then to Deal to see Aunt Vivy, as I am not required until the next course on the 6th. I telephoned W/C Plumtree at Hawarden on this. But I spend 1/9 last night on telephone calls trying to get a bed at one of the London service clubs, without any success, nor could I contact Aunt Vivy, as they said she was not in the telephone book. So it all looks a bit grim as I want to go to town to take my uniform back to Flights, and also for other things which I shall most certainly not get, having no one as I do.

Typhoons scream overhead here, and pheasants and coots scream in the grounds, and I rampage in bed with my usual trouble. I know what I should like in London, but it looks as though it may be difficult even to get there.

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1 Response to November 29th 1944

  1. a gray says:

    On November 29, 1944, my father wrote his father that he was in England. He had come to England with his combat crew to serve with the 8th Air Force on B-17s. Within several weeks, he would be assigned to the 390th Bombardment Group stationed near Framlingham.

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