April 12th 1945

I book a room at the Savoy, a double with a bath, and Monica and I end up there after dinner with Bill at Quaglinos. On Sunday she gives me tea and then I run dinner for Bill and his American dame and Bert Mann at the Brevet Club. I give them both German beer mugs. Monday I meet Mama and send her off to Elstree with J.J. and Monica gives me supper and sends me packing about 10.30pm. Tuesday I take her to ‘Three’s a family’ and then we go home and ‘Whoa!’

Yesterday Peggy and Mama and I go down to Farnham to see Francis (JDW: Peggy is his brother Hugh’s widow and Francis is his niece) but she won’t speak, we miss the train back, and I just get to the Brevet Club in time to give Uncle George a drink, and then go down to Chelsea and eat Monica’s tinned crab. I get to bed early and feel fine today, though with a bit of a cold. I get a bicycle tyre but the Customs will no doubt get it, but I cannot get Monica and wings brooch under 5 guineas anywhere.

Today I share a drink with Baffy (JDW: Baffy Dugdale) in the evening and later hope to visit Chelsea! We have a wonderful breakfast in bed in the Savoy on Sunday morning, and Monica manages to get her face cream on before I see her in the morning, so that I do not get the shock that she, not I, expected!!


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3 Responses to April 12th 1945

  1. Tim says:

    Dear James,
    My father had a small collection of German Beer Steins (that I now have), but your father’s diary completes the circle on one of them. I am sending you a photo of the actual beer mug that he gave my father all those years ago. Quite astounding connection. Hope you like it.

  2. todhillwood says:

    Dear James,
    My father had a small collection of German Steins from the War and I remember him telling me that one of them was given to him by a friend. It is only today that I have completed the circle with your father’s diary. I am sending you a photo of the mug separately, but thought it would be worth making this comment.
    Quite astounding. I hope you like the photo of the mug. I am trying to imagine it in the Brevet Club.

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