July 16th 1945

Henry invites me to a party out at Wassenaar, and the gallant Iris is there and we dance around. I go out fairly tight and get away about 2.30 before they start to break the joint up. Yesterday I fly over in an Auster to wake them up and Henry comes out onto his balcony to wave. After lunch I take Iris out to the beach near Wassenaar and we swim amongst a host of jellyfish and lie on the beach in the sun and a miniature sandstorm. She has a party that night so I do not see her, but I have met Lou at the previous night’s show and have an introduction from him. I go round there about 7pm with a bottle of rum and a tin of tomato juice and he has a bar in his house and a radiogram, and we have quite a party. I meet one Freddie, a red-headed dame who says she is divorced, and we get on damned well. I take her home eventually, and upstairs her husband is in bed – a second one that she had no mentioned. However, she says she will fix me up with one ‘Luki’, so I tentatively arrange to go round there tonight, though whether the fair Luki will be there I do not not know.

I do two Auster trips – dual of course, one with Apie Hoekstra and we wander about over Wassenaar and Noordijk seeing a dump on V2s and a miniature submarine on the beach. George Linton has just come back from a weekend in the UK and I shall hope to go some time this month, if we are still our own boss and not under 18 SP at Valkenburg.

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1 Response to July 16th 1945

  1. a gray says:

    It sounds like this was some what of a “golden” time in the aftermath of the war. “I take her home eventually, and upstairs her husband is in bed – a second one that she had not mentioned.” Having once had that experience, I think I understand what must have gone through his mind at the time. I have a question. Is a “radiogram” another term for a radio or is it something entirely different?

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