February 22nd 1946

I spend the weekend at Stockenchurch, helping organise the wedding at 14.30 hrs on March 12th. A. has flu and toothache but goes back to work Monday morning, driven by me. I also meet Tony, and lots of old hags, and get a lift up to the Wings Club with some M.A.R. type on Tuesday. I meet Burt Mann and Bill Robinson and we have a minor party with his current girlfriend Daphne Lyall Grant.

Today I go to the Air Ministry and find my case is still pending, so I rush it through a couple of departments with some WAAF officer, and a civil servant then telephones the India Office and I shall go and see them tomorrow. I get two fivers from the Sproats and two guineas from Susan Fraser, who can ill afford it. My kit will be limited to 4 cwt, which it probably exceeds, and I shall have to try and get a couple of boxes crated. I want to go down to St Ives in the meantime, and Ma wants to come up, so God knows what will happen.

I get pulled up in Piccadilly by a F/Lt Provost, who stops his car, gets out, and says “Excuse me, do you mind taking your hand out of your pocket when you walk down the street.” I have one in my raincoat pocket! I meet Clapham, a Lt Colonel, in the street, who commiserates me on my future rank!

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3 Responses to February 22nd 1946

  1. todhillwood says:

    I believe Bill Robinson and Daphne married.

    • James Dunford Wood says:

      They did indeed. Bill became my sister’s godfather, and we knew them for many years, until Daphne died (after Bill) not many years ago. James

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