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November 30th 1944

I get delayed in Andover whilst they run through me for a Board. (JDW: medical board). I pass the eyesight test OK and then dump some of my kit and get the first train to London. I try the Regent … Continue reading

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November 29th 1944

This joint (Bossington House) belongs to Sir Richard Fairey and the (river) Test flows past the bottom of the park. It also teems in pheasant. I am due out today and have planned to go to town and then to … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note About Iraq in 1941

For all of you following this blog, just a quick note to say that things are, once again, beginning to hot up for my father. However, he does not know that yet. So keep following – and for some background … Continue reading

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May 25th 1940

48 hours steady rain. Nothing to do. Yesterday managed to bag a cormorant, ‘Who’re you?’ and parrot with the .22. It seems to shoot high according to the sights, so its all a question of aiming lower by so much … Continue reading

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Waziristan Campaign Order of Battle

The following regiments and detachments were based in Waziristan during 1939: Waziristan District: HQ Dera Ismail Khan, Razmak Detachment, 2/11th Sikh Regiment: Mari, Indus Waziristan District Signals Razmak Brigade: HQ Razmak 11th Light Tank Company, The Royal Tank Regiment B … Continue reading

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