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September 24th 1942

Miller of 20 Sqn comes down and takes command. Yesterday we fly General Wavell and ADC to Dana near Sangar, a nasty little landing ground about 500′ long. We then do a sortie each. I go and beat up Damoh … Continue reading

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September 20th 1942 – Bhopal

A week of organising flying, and chasing the sergeant aircrews and cyphers as duty officer every third evening. I go to Aransol to have a kite repaired and have lunch with Paddy O’Malley. I put up a black by asking … Continue reading

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September 16th 1942

I do another trip to Patna, but an X is out so I come back to Gaya and pick up Major Tweedie, the M.S. I see a Sikh sepoy there of the 56th who remembers me and says the boys … Continue reading

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September 7th 1942

I take to the air again, with an air test. A strong cross wind across the strip, but I manage three landings OK. Low clouds at 1500′ so I try some cloud flying. I manage a few spells for 15 … Continue reading

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September 4th 1942 – Ranchi

I go off on the train and reach Ranchi four days later, having passed the rail party. They change onto my train at Gaga. I feed myself well on bread, cold meat and sardines, with a pot of vegemite. We … Continue reading

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